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Get started with the best crypto calls service out there

Combining calls of 15+ groups for very affordable prices all in one place. Start now and triple your portfolio.


How it works

Leverage the work of vipleaks and the professional traders to grow your portfolio by large margins


The Origin

The professional traders post their call / buy setup in their group, including Entry price, Stop Loss and Take Profits.



Our advanced backend systems automatically get the messages, parses them into the right format check the messages for spam etc.



The call will almost instantly appear in our discord server where you can conveniently list all groups and mute the ones that you dont want to see.

The one solution for your crypto growth.

At vipleaks we offer a community in addition to our calls. Talk to our members and gain knowledge about trading and crypto.



Value of Signals on


15+ Call channels

We provide over 15 different sources of calls. You can find the full list by joining our Discord. So even if you dont like one particular trader, you can use the calls of the others.

No Delay

All calls are sent in realtime without delay. Our systems automatically send images, and text calls to our discord server so you will not miss a sinlge one.

No Spam

Our advanced backend mechanisms filter all calls for spam or fraudulent messages so you will only receive the calls as intended by the trader behind them

Plan and Pricing

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.



Completley free
  • 15+ Trading channels
  • Image setups included
  • No Delays


€25 billed monthly
  • 15+ Trading channels
  • Image setups included
  • No Delays


€60 billed semi-anually (6 months)
  • 15+ Trading channels
  • Image setups included
  • No Delays